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FotoMarket by Fotografia – Crowdfunding Campaign

The great Fotografia Magazine has created this crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to launch their photobook store FotoMarket. It will bring to you a curated selection of photobooks from the best publishers out there (you know who – Aperture, MACK, Self Publish Be Happy, Morel Books, etc.). Please support this great initiative!


Contributors can get great rewards such as this set of nine photographic postcards made from nine of Fotografia’s favorite pictures. I’m honoured to be part of it with an image from Clear-Cut!



Newport Now – Art in the City

Great to be part of the a show titled Art in the City presented by Newport NOW with an image of Anton from the series Freak in a Dress featuring the Newport based band A Noise.

The exhibition which showcases 23 local artists will be on until Saturday, 7th May at Newport Museum. More details can be sound here. Many thanks to Barrie J Morgan who made this possible!

Newport Art01

Anton from the series ‘Freak in a Dress’

Newport Art03Newport Art00